Why I became a reflexologist

Why I became a reflexologist

Thought I would share with you why I became a reflexologist.

I had been commuting and working in London as a PA. BC (before children) We decided to move to Oxfordshire and had 3 young children. Life was very full on, busy and with zero time for myself.

I had been suffering with PMS for some time but it was getting worse. It made me feel pretty miserable for 3 weeks of the month. So I went to see my male GP who said I would have to learn to live with it, not very helpful!

Whilst at the kids to their swimming lessons. I got chatting to a mum who turned out to be a holistic therapist. I asked her if there was anything she could do to help me. She suggested reflexology and gave me her business card.

I decided to give it a go. So booked a reflexology appointment as I was really fed up with feeling tired, worn out and miserable.

After my first treatment

I felt so much better. Having some time for myself and relaxing. Much to my amazement I slept so much better. My headaches reduced and the awful breast tenderness improved. I decided to have a course of treatments. I was so impressed with the therapy I decided to train as a reflexologist.

Why I became a reflexologist

So off I went to learn and study. I absolutely loved it.

Specialising in Women’s Health working with Maternity, Fertility, and Hormones.

I am extremely passionate about the power of holistic therapies helping to relax and relieve stress. Both physically and emotionally, improving overall wellbeing.

As a reflexologist I really enjoy working with client’s helping them improve their lives and feeling better.