my wellbeing


For my wellbeing a healthy balanced diet is essential. I notice my energy is so much better, my body and skin also feel the benefits. I drink plenty of water and watch my sugar intake. I still have treat’s but in moderation.
I struggle if I have a lack of sleep. It reminds me of when my kids were young, all those broken nights! So I try and go to bed around 10pm.
I am a morning person so I find this pretty easy. I usually do my skin routine early in the evening so that I can go straight to bed when I am ready. Useful tip is to wear ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.
When it comes to gadget’s I have to keep them in another room during the evenings. It’s too easy and tempting to keep checking my phone if it is by my side. 
Upbeat music always puts me in a good mood. A quick sing and dance whilst making my breakfast sets me up for the day! Can’t say it pleases everyone in my household. I have certainly driven people mad in the past but it makes me happy!
As part of my wellbeing I surround myself with positive people. Who are kind, thoughtful, and are there for me when times are tough.

Stress creeps up when I start putting things off

Stress creeps up when I start putting things off. So I am learning to do stuff and get it done. Rather than not doing it and worrying. Planning and routine definitely work for me.
Getting back to nature. My body needs daily exercise. Walking, yoga, pilates and qigong work for me. When I don’t do it I end up feeling sluggish and lacking motivation.
Slowing my breathe makes a big difference to managing stress. Calming candle light or essential oils scents are great for helping calm and relax. I always find a beautiful fragrance makes me naturally breathe deeper. Giving me that chilled feeling.