Ali, a 29-year-old Accountant came to see me for fertility reflexology.


She was desperate to start a family. They had been trying for a baby for over a year.


All tests had been carried out for them both and they had come back clear. Her GP suggested she that she may have had an unconfirmed miscarriage.


Ali had a regular cycle of between 28 and 29 days which was normal for her.


She had a dairy intolerance but ate a well-balanced diet cooking from scratch. She drank plenty of water daily.


Her stress levels were extremely high as a result of her fertility issues and her job. She was looking at possibly changing her job.


We talked about how much exercise she did, it was a lot. Walking her dog twice daily for over an hour at speed. In addition, she ran and did spin classes at least 3 times a week.


Having gained as much information as possible. We decided on a plan to first work on her stress levels aiming to help reduce them.


I also asked her to reduce her exercise activity. She was very reluctant to start with. But, said she would think about it  as she was prepared to give anything a go. She felt she had done everything else.


After her first treatment Ali reported how much better she felt. She said, ‘I feel like a light switch had gone off and my stress levels have reduced’.


During her next treatment I used reproductive protocols to tie in with ovulation which was where she was in her menstrual cycle.


After this session she had her bleed and Ali was disappointed not to be pregnant. She admitted she had had a crazy busy month travelling abroad, so her chances had been slim.


By her 3rdtreatment Ali had decided to stop running and her spin classes, helping to reduce stress on her body. She was still walking her dog but at a reduced speed.


On her 5thtreatment she mentioned her period was due but she was not experiencing her usual backache.


The following week she sent me a picture of a positive pregnancy test. She was over the moon (so was I) and couldn’t believe it.


Ali came back to see me at 39 weeks pregnant for a mum to be and baby relaxing treatment. She couldn’t wait to meet her baby boy who was born a couple of weeks later.