trying to conceive for over a year


Trying to conceive for over a year

A young lady came to see for fertility reflexology. They had been trying to conceive for over a year.
“I decided to try fertility reflexology. As I was struggling to get pregnant and had read online that reflexology can help.
After my first treatment I felt relaxed and calm. More in control of my situation.
Before starting treatments emotionally I felt quite lonely. I didn’t want to tell anyone I was trying for a baby so felt a bit isolated.
Physically I was suffering from some effects of stress – hair falling out and headaches.
I didn’t think I had anything to lose and it sounded like a good option to try.
I didn’t have any fears. Although I’m quite a ticklish person so worried a bit about flinching but I didn’t feel ticklish at all.
I looked forward to my regular treatments as I found it relaxing. It was helpful to talk to someone and get advice on my situation.
Because I wanted to have a baby or give myself the best possible chance of falling pregnant.
I was very relaxed and I felt I could be open about my situation.”
After a course of treatments my client has become pregnant conceiving naturally.