Time To Find Balance
Time to find balance

We need time to find balance. The way forward is to make small changes which are easy to stick with.

So rather than changing your whole diet, you could change one meal daily. Perhaps breakfast, instead of cereal include protein eggs or nuts which will fill you up and provide you with energy until lunchtime. Make sure you check your portion size not too big but sufficient to keep you going.

Cook from scratch, make extra to freeze to save you time at a later date, keep your food simple.

Build more exercise into your day, our bodies are not designed to sit around. The key is to find something you enjoy!

Start slowly and gradually increase the amount you do. The mind is very powerful and it can play tricks on us telling us we can’t do it. If you are uncertain about your fitness levels do check with your GP.

Moderation is the key to balance including having a healthy mind which has time to switch off. If your mind is very active, meditation can be really helpful Headspace or Calm are worth looking at. Listening to music, cooking or reading are great if meditation is not for you. Anything, that is helpful to calm down the mind’s constant chatter.

Make time for yourself daily to relax and unwind to read.

A few well chosen changes can help you achieve your health and wellness goals for 2018.

Think healthy, live healthy