Summer is a happy time for our feet. So lovely after months of  being trapped inside boots, trainers and shoes.

Here are some tips for keeping your feet happy and healthy.

When cutting toe nails you cut across and don't cut down the side of the nail. Ingrowing toe nails are very painful. Longer nails in the summer can look lovely with open toed shoes. Still keep an eye on them making sure they don't get too long.

If you suffer with sweaty feet:

  • Wear open shoes and allow the feet to breathe
  • Try to wear a different pair of shoes each day, take spare shoes with you
  •  When removing your shoes at home if you have worn  tights/socks remove them too, so your feet can breath.

After having your feet in any water bath, shower or swimming do dry your feet thoroughly to prevent fungus diseases. Dry well between the toes.

Wear the correct sized shoes to help prevent your shoes from rubbing. Your feet swell in hot weather. Carry a couple of plasters for just in case.

Remove hard skin with a pumice stone. Our feet can dry out during the summer from wearing flip-flop style footwear do moisturise dry, hard areas especially heels.

Remember your feet  love you taking care of them.