suffering from morning sickness

Suffering from morning sickness

Suffering from morning sickness. Within a few days of discovering or realising you are pregnant  nausea or sickness often commences, over half of all women experience this. This is a very good sign and is caused by a rise in your HcG hormone. This is not the same as hyperemesis gravidarum which is severe sickness as experienced by Kate Middleton.

I experienced feeling nausea but not actually being sick in all my pregnancies it can feel like forever but is generally for up to 12 to 14 weeks.

During this time it can be a struggle as you may be working full-time and don't wish to share your news with colleagues just yet , or maybe you already have a child/children and have very little time to rest.

Tips for Suffering from Morning Sickness

  • Fatigue is the one mentioned the most during those early weeks of pregnancy, I remember it well as I could have slept anywhere. This is the body telling you to slow down, remember your baby is developing and all your energy is doing just that. Listen to your body and slow down during this time get plenty of rest.
  • Try and  keep your life as simple as possible, not always easy I know but it does help
  • Eat little and often to help maintain your sugar levels, protein helps you to feel fuller for longer. It's interesting how often I am told by healthy eaters that it's the last thing they want. Don't worry about this you can go back to healthy eating later on in your pregnancy.
  • Listen to your body and rest if you are tired you tend to feel worse.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get up in the morning, rushing does not help
  • Try acupressure bands they help some people
  • Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, try peppermint tea
  • As a complementary therapy reflexology is a natural way of helping women with nausea and sickness. It helps relax and calm and you may find during this time it is helpful to share your worries and concerns.


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