struggling to conceive

Struggling to Conceive


When Lauren came to see me she had been struggling to conceive for over a year.


‘I had been struggling to conceive, I needed to feel like I was doing something to be a little bit more in control.’


Lauren is an extremely busy person, working as a sports teacher.

Daily she went to the gym  before work. She belonged to a netball team, and walked their dog.


‘I was very emotional about the whole trying to conceive situation. I felt very out of control. It was a roller coaster of emotions each cycle. It was the only time in my life that I had to trust my body to do the hard work. I was also anxious that maybe my body wasn’t able to do this.’


We talked about her slowing down as she was constantly busy. Making more time for herself.


I asked her to reduce her exercise. She wasn’t sure she would be able to do this. As she felt it helped with her stress levels. I explained to her that too much exercise when struggling to conceive can stress the body.


Attending her 2nd session. Lauren said she had done a lot of thinking. She realised she did need to slow down. Continuing the way she was  wasn’t working for her.


She found being given permission to slow down had  helped. So had reduced her exercise considerably.


Struggling to Conceive

At her next treatment she was very tired and upset. On top of trying to conceive they had a new home which needed a lot of work.


Her husband’s GP also wanted to do further tests after his sperm results. Lauren felt that they had done everything they could. With their diets, supplements and reducing their stress levels.


On her 3rd visit Lauren announced she was pregnant.


Lauren continued to have treatments during her pregnancy. Helping to support her emotionally and physically. Giving her a safe space to switch off for total relaxation.


‘I always feel really relaxed and refreshed after speaking to Karen and having the treatment. I also normally feel tired, due to suddenly relaxing.’