Self care

Self care when my kids were very young  didn’t exist. I remember going through a time where I felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted and had very little time for me.

I was of a generation where putting yourself first was classed as selfish. As an adult it was considered not being entitled to feel the way you did. You were taught to wear a mask (not covid-19 type) and keep going.

Being a ‘yes’ type and putting pressure on myself to be the perfect mother, wife, daughter, friend etc. certainly took its toil as I was constantly running on auto-pilot.

Overtime I learnt that prioritising yourself with self care is vital. Otherwise you end up feeling physically and emotionally tired and miserable.

I decided to make changes and prioritise myself and do at least one small thing everyday for myself.

This made a huge difference very quickly and I see self care as a necessity and not a luxury. After all you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Self Care

Booking time out for yourself via your calendar is the way forward. Making sure it doesn’t get cancelled. Take time to exercise, go for a walk, do some crafting, writing, cooking, whatever brings you happiness and joy.

Stop people pleasing and create some healthy boundaries. By doing this you save time and can do what you really want to do.

Make happiness your priority.