When carrying out a reflexology treatment for the first time  I am looking at the colour, temperature and shape of the feet, as this gives me a better understanding of the  person I am treating.


My experience is that I generally  see medium pink coloured feet.

However, sometimes I see yellow feet which may be an indication that the client is  fed up or cheesed off with life.

Very red feet could indicate possible anger or frustration.

Whilst white can mean that you are drained, exhausted, washed out.

We have a past (right) and a present (left) foot sometimes the feet show two completely different colours which I have seen on a few occasions.


The temperature of the feet are interesting and may indicate one of the following:-

  • Warm – Animated, enthusiasm and temperate nature
  • Burning – Inflamed, angry, fuming and reckless
  • Cold – Faint, weak, unexcited, unenthusiastic or disinterested


When looking at the soles of the feet the shape can indicate a person’s personality.

  • Broad – down to earth and practical
  • Narrow – More aesthetic, enjoys being pampered
  • Straight – Likes set parameters

Lots of lines or wrinkles on the bottom of the feet ,which I see quite a lot of can be an indication of an overly concerned or a person who worries a lot .

Swollen feet (not pregnant feet) can sometimes be a sign of a person burdened with lots of unresolved emotions.


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