Is Post Natal Depression affecting you? You may have had a straight forward pregnancy and have bloomed throughout or perhaps a very difficult nine months. The same goes for labour very quick, straightforward and natural or long with intervention that had not been planned either way it can be a shock!

Bringing home your baby, we all look forward to but for some it can be a very worrying time with thoughts, how will I cope? will I manage on my own? Perhaps it is the first time that you have spent much time on your own especially if  family and friends don’t live nearby and you feel  isolated without a routine and work colleagues.

It can feel totally overwhelming trying to do all you need to do as well as taking care and having this new responsibility whilst struggling to take a shower before midday.

Most mums have a few days whereby they feel down and not their usual selves this is normal, but for some this can continue their mood feels very low, they experience feeling guilty, confusion and find every day a struggle.

This can produce constant exhaustion, lack of energy, appetite, enthusiasm, constant tiredness, worrying, and scary thoughts about everything whilst trying to cope on very little sleep.

If you have been in control of your life before your baby’s arrival let perfectionism go, if thats difficult try lowering your standards as you may  find due to the new demands that you are unable to live this way and its stressing you out.

  • Managing expectations is important there a lot of  pressure via media about being a perfect mother, wife, partner, daughter or sister
  • If you have a lot of commitments it is worth reducing these
  • Take some exercise each day, go for a walk
  • Ask for some help
  • Sleep whilst baby sleeps
  • Talk – don’t bottle it up
  • Take some time out, get your partner to take over, recharge your battery
  • Try reflexology, it is very relaxing and gives you some much needed time and space for yourself
  • Visit your GP there is help available


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