Peri-menopause and Self-care

Louise came to see me after being told that she was at peri-menopausal stage. Her own self-care had taken a back step due to a demanding job.


She realised that she needed to do something to help herself and made a resolution to book monthly treatments.


Louise needed some time out for self-care as she felt she wasn’t taking enough care of herself.


She knew what she needed to do but wasn’t always doing it.


Having always suffered with bad period cramps. She wanted to keep on top of her stress levels. Plus at peri-menopausal stage she wanted help with her hormones.


She had worked in very stressful and busy environment for almost 20 years and had seen people whose unhealthy lifestyle had taken its toll on both their physical and mental health.


Louise wanted some space where she could chill out and not think about her massive ‘to do list’.


She always looked forward to her monthly treatments which has helped her hormones. She has experienced significantly less period pain than when she started her regular treatments. Helping both her peri-menopausal, stress and self-care.


Delighted with her results she said :-


‘’It keeps me feeling well, and feeling in control of my life, stress levels and my health”.


“The treatment always feels amazing, and I always leave feeling better”