Observing feet some reflexologists believe that the different colours, shapes and temperature on the feet are indications of the physical and emotional health of the client.

When a new client (or existing client) comes for a treatment after taking a full consultation I take a look at their feet.

I use the following as a guide, which I was taught when training to be a reflexologist.

First I feel the temperature of the feet, this can give me an indication of how they may be feeling.

  1. Warm – Animated enthusiasm and temperate nature
  2. Burning – Inflamed, angry, fuming and reckless
  3. Cold – Faint, weak, unexcited, Observing the Feet unenthusiastic or disinterested

Next I look at the colour on a Physical level

  1. Red – Body part may be working too hard. Possible inflammation or pressure on corresponding body part
  2. Blue – Poor circulation of blood, nutrients or energy
  3. Yellow – Toxicity of body part or whole
  4. White – Body parts working inefficiently, depleted and drained

At the same time I am also checking the mood as it may not be on a physical level.

  1. Flesh – Healthy, confident and balanced
  2. White – Drained, exhausted, wiped out
  3. Red – Embarrassed, self-conscious, angry, frustrated
  4. Yellow/Orange – Resentful, indignant, displeased. Jaundiced view of life
  5. Bluish/Purple – Injured pride, bruised ego and low self-esteem
  6. Black marks – Deep emotional stab

We were taught that the right foot is your past foot and your left foot your present. On a few occasions when observing feet they have been two completely different colours.

Client’s are often surprised by my findings which we discuss in full. Sometimes they do not tie in, but perhaps at a later date my client will say ‘you know we talked about……. well I have been thinking’ and it’s been accurate.