photo-7As an Independent Consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies I was keen to try their natural organic sunscreen range. In the past I have experienced prickly heat which was thoroughly miserable together with heat rash both very unpleasant.

So to put it to the test I went to The South of France for a couple of weeks!

When I first applied it to the skin its appeared thicker than other sunscreen that I have used before so I worked it into the skin more then I normally would which had its benefits as it made sure that I had covered all areas thoroughly the heat also helped with this, a few minutes after application I continued to rub in any I had missed.

So what  is in the product?

The product consists of nourishing organic tamanu, coconut and rice bran oils is blended with shea butter and a soothing antioxidant-rich blend of aloe vera, white tea and chamomile these ingredients together protect, nurture and moisturise the skin.


  • UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection
  • Nourishing organic ingredients
  • Soothing herbal extracts
  • No chemical filters or nano particles
  • Water resistant

In the evening after a shower I used Chamomile & Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion with more lovely ingredients for nourishing, moisturising, cooling and calming the skin. It started to go missing during the holiday as clearly my 19 year old daughter also liked it!

What I loved:-

It was lovely to use a product that did not leave the feeling of  having a sticky  plastic coating on my skin (I normally loath sunscreen for this reason). I did not experience prickly heat or rashes, and did not burn and was left with a lovely tan! It was great  knowing what was in the products, no nasties and what my skin was absorbing together with the amazing natural fragrances. They are also suitable for the body and face so no need for separate products so less to pack which is always a bonus.

If  you suffer with allergies in the sun or want  a natural, organic sun range these are ideal to try. They are suitable for adults, children and vegans.

These are two firm favourites of mine and will be used on a regular day to day basis, and when I am next go on holiday, roll on then!

The sunscreen come in SPF25 and SPF15 and are available in two sizes and can be purchased via my shop.




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