A miscarriage is a name given to the accidental or spontaneous loss of a developing foetus.

Around one in six pregnancies ends in miscarriage, many in the first 12 weeks.

If you are unfortunate to experience a miscarriage you will know that not only is it a huge disappointment but you also have the grieving process and the shock to deal with both physical and emotionally. Women who suffer the loss of a child during pregnancy often feel alone in their grief and pain.

What can reflexology do to help?

You may have had a hospital procedure reflexology may help to speed up the healing process. Whilst your body can recover quite quickly your mind may take longer to adjust.

It is very important that you receive support and space during this time.

During this difficult time reflexology  may help restore  and support you emotionally, sooth and may help to rebalance your hormonal system while its returning to its natural state.

I am able to provide you with the peace and tranquility you need during this time.