listening to your body

Listening to your body

Listening to your body. I remember a friend asking me what I was going to do at the weekend. My response was I will be listening to my body.

She went on to say she would feel ‘guilty’ if she wasn’t doing anything!


It is very common in my practice to hear from women who are constantly pushing themselves. They always say how great their partners are but the bulk of childcare in particular falls on them. Trying to balance family, work, provide support is a constant non-stop, full-on daily effort.

They often arrive totally exhausted and overwhelmed which can lead to their emotion and physical wellbeing suffering. They are not listening to their bodies.


I’m a ‘doer’ and always have things on the go, so find it a challenge not to do anything. I know over the years particularly when I had my young family I was constantly pushing myself and having very little time to myself. Keeping myself going by grabbling chocolate bars rather than eating properly and resting. Then I caught flu 3 years running!


It is easy to see resting as a sign of weakness but the body needs it. Whether you are trying to conceive, client’s often do way too much exercise. I suggest to mum’s to be in their third trimester to take a nap in the afternoon some look quite horrified, as if they are that lazy.

Listening to your body

We are built very different to men and our bodies have different needs. Resting during the menstrual cycle is important to optimise the flow. It is important to we start listening to our bodies and not ignore the signs that we need to slow down. I heard of a woman who was so in tune with her cycle she would delegate during the days she knew she needed to rest leading up to her menstrual cycle, how brilliant is that!


Our hormones are grateful as it helps them to stay more balanced.


We all know that with a bit of rest we feel so much better. More energised and able to be more present with family. The more you practice this the easier it will become.