A friend had recommended reflexology to Jo. Saying how great reflexology was for stress and fertility.

Jo is a 30-year-old teacher. She had experienced an early loss miscarriage. She arrived feeling very upset and felt very anxious when we met for her first Fertility Reflexology appointment.  Very worried that she would be unable to conceive again. They had been trying for four months since her miscarriage.

Stress levels were high, both work and fertility related. She was finding it very difficult to cope. Especially as it was not going according to her plan. Jo was in a vicious circle of worrying and being stress out.  Constantly searching the internet, looking for answers and feeling totally frustrated.


She suffered with headaches which were work related. She had been suffering with a cough and cold for the last few months.


We talked during her first treatment with her sharing hopes and fears. We discussed her working on worrying less. Keeping it to only a few minutes in the morning or evening. I worked on her nervous system helping to calm it.


We decided that we would do weekly treatments for 4-6 weeks and then review.


Jo reported feeling very tired after her first treatment. She had felt a bit better but now it was wearing off. So looking forward to her treatment.


Negative thinking was playing a major role her fertility journey. Jo was convinced she would be unable to conceive.  We decided that the fertility apps in her phone were not helpful to her. She had a lot, but said she would try.

The next several sessions were very difficult for Jo; a Royal baby was born. Her first pregnancy would have been due around this time. Family and friends were all having babies. Everything going on in her world was very baby orientated. She did report how much better she felt for deleting her apps.


During this time, she was experiencing spotting. She saw her GP and was referred. She was able to go privately to see a consultant. It was decided an exploratory operation was required. She was happy about this as she wanted some answers.


Her first operation was cancelled last minute which was difficult. The operation was carried out a couple of weeks later.  The result endometriosis grade 3. Jo struggled with her diagnosis and decided to combine acupuncture with reflexology. A few months later Jo announced she was 10 weeks pregnant and so delighted!


She continued with treatments giving birth to a healthy baby girl.