hormone help

Helen a 32 year old General Manager came to me for Fertility reflexology. She said I need hormone help. To reduce her stress levels and feel more balanced. She was already having acupuncture at this time.


She had been through an extremely difficult time. Her first pregnancy had sadly not gone according to plan. At her 20 week scan it was discover their son had a very severe form of Spina bifida. They were advised to terminate due to the severity. Helen gave birth to her son.


On the outside she appeared fine, but obviously she had been through a lot. She felt the need to get hormone help for conception to take place. They had been told that the chances this happening again were very small.


Helen enjoys exercise and healthy eating. She had been a 110% type of person before her pregnancy but feels very different after all that has happened.


Her menstrual cycle has gone back to her normal.  She is keen to get her body ready to conceive again.


One month later Helen announced  her pregnancy. At this point she is needing a lot of reassurance understandably. It is proving very difficult for her to relax until her 12 weeks scan.


During this time Helen became an Auntie and felt everyone was watching her for some kind of reaction which she found very challenging.


I focussed on lots of calming during her treatments. She talked throughout her sessions as she found that this also helped her.


Helen continued have treatments up to her 12 week scan where she was, all was well.


I next saw Helen at 24 weeks due to her work commitments and holidays (for both of us).


She had been given the all clear via her scans which was such a huge relief for them.

They move house to a different area just before she gave birth. Helen contacted via email to let me know she had give birth to a healthy baby boy.

“Thank you for making me feel relaxed and smile, our chats definitely helped me feel calmer”.