Hip Pain

Sarah had been experiencing hip pain as a result of a horse riding accident. She had been speaking to a friend about her hip pain and she suggested  trying reflexology.


When she arrived she felt very sad, her mood was low. The cortisone injections she had been having were no longer working as well. The injections were also very painful. She was looking for a natural solution to help ease her symptoms.


Sarah wanted to feel more comfortable and not be in so much pain. Her work as a child minder involved a lot of getting up and down dealing with small children. The pain was experiencing was making her job more difficult.


After a couple of treatments her pain reduced a lot. What she didn’t expect was feeling much more relaxed. This has made her work a lot easier as she feels less stiff and her pain has reduced considerably.


She also enjoys having some much needed time to herself.  A better quality of life and she feels much better about herself and her confidence has grown.


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