her goal was to conceive

Her goal was to conceive


Her goal was to conceive. Claire a 28-year-old Supervisor, came to see me for fertility reflexology treatments. She said her goal was to conceive.


She had high anxiety and stress levels due to her very busy job. With a lot of stress/tension headaches.


Her goal was to conceive, feel more relaxed, less stressed and to feel better.


Trying to conceive was also adding to her already stressful life. As a result, her mood was incredibly low.


We talked about things she could do on a daily basis to help with her emotional health.

Claire had suffered with depression in the past which she felt was hereditary.


She suffers with endometriosis and had two laparoscopy operations in the past. Her menstrual cycle had been erratic but had settled down and was around 35 days which was normal for her.


She was taking antibiotics for her problem skin and knew to conceive she would need to come off them. This was a massive worry for her as her skin had been so bad previously.


Her sleep was very poor 5 or 6 hours was a good night for her and didn’t happen often leaving her feeling exhausted most of the time.


We discussed her working on her diet which she was happy to.


Each month she became very fed up when she hadn’t conceived.


After 4 treatments, she announced she was 7 weeks pregnant she was super happy.


After her mood being so low, she was completely different. Not conceiving had been affecting her mood even more than she knew.


Even although her skin had flared up, she was very accepting of this. Her sleep had improved 4 out of 7 nights she was sleeping better.


She experienced some morning sickness but didn’t mind as long as she was pregnant.


She was a very keen on exercise which she found with her mood. So, she continued to do what she could as it was important to her but listened to her body, so she didn’t overdo it.


Claire continued with treatments throughout her pregnancy. Talking about how excited she was and so looking forward to meeting her baby.


As she went past her due date she had a birth induction. Claire gave birth to an 8lb 9oz baby boy.