If you are someone unlucky enough to suffer with hay fever or some form of rhinitis, around a quarter of the population do. You will have experienced sneezing, sniffling, itchy and watery eyes.

For some people it starts around April or May depending upon your particular allergy ash, birch, grass, oak, plane and rape being the main causes.

Having had family members and client’s who suffer with it I know how much it effects your whole life. You are unable to sleep properly, think straight, concentrate and feel like you have a permanent cold. You end up feeling pretty miserable and try and avoid going outside. It is particularly difficult if you are revising, sitting exams or have other important events.

My natural tips on how you can protect yourself:-

  • Pollen tends to rise during the day when it’s warm and then descends at night. Avoid walking outside during the evening.
  • Don’t leave bedding or clothing out to dry in the evening. If you have pets brush them out of door’s before bringing them inside to try and avoid bringing pollen into the home.
  • Wear sunglasses where possible and use a barrier balm inside your nostrils to trap pollen.
  • Rinse your nose with salt water and wash your hair after being outside to help reduce pollen particles.
  • If you are still suffering after trying the tips above, you could try reflexology. It may help improve symptoms and release stress and tension in the body.

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