Empty Nest Syndrome

So last week  the nest finally became empty as my youngest son moved out.

I always remember an elderly lady admiring my first-born and saying enjoy it they grow up so fast, hard to believe at that stage but how right was she!

Wow, what a blast the last 25 years have been including high’s and low’s, lots of food shopping, cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning and packed lunches.

So many great memories including visiting Bournemouth holidays for years as two did not travel well so up at the crack of dawn so we could get there as soon as possible and always being the first ones on the beach.

One summer spending a considerable amount of time in A&E when both boy's manage to break their arms!

It’s a bit weird being able to do what you want when you want, but I will soon get used to it  (one son helpfully suggested that I now have time to do what I used to do), what was it I used to do I wondered?

I am enjoying:-

  • Staying up late, as not having to be up early in the morning
  • Cooking and eating whatever I want, not have to consider anyone else (husband is away during the week)
  • Washing and ironing reduced
  • Returning home and finding it in the same clean, tidy state I left it in
  • Wiping clean the cooker and no one frying yet more bacon
  • Weekly food shop hardly takes anytime at all
  • Humming to myself 'I will survive" (thank you Gloria Gaynor)!!!

I loved every minute of it watching them grow into amazing, healthy, happy and fun adults, what a privilege it has been.

So what now?

  • Lots of 'me time'
  • More time to exercise which is important to me,  I have joined a nordic walking group which I really enjoy, meeting with like minded people
  • The vegetable garden is being reduced, there’s only so much veg I can eat and so I am planning a flower garden instead
  • Time to open the mind, experience and discover new hobbies
  • More time to spend with family and friends

What’s also great for me is they all live in London and only a few stops away from each other, makes visiting very easy!!




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  1. Helen on June 10, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    Hi Karen,

    Congratulations – you did it! Wow! It sounds like you’re enjoying the peace; it’s a great reminder to me just now that the children won’t be with us forever – I’m particularly noise sensitive when I’m tired, so am often asking middle child to stop singing (whilst we’re eating, I might add!) and eldest to stop whistling… I’m reminding myself that one day I will miss these things in my life ;))

    Karen, my Abingdon t’ai chi students would be interested to know details of the nordic walking group you’ve joined – they were only asking about this yesterday!

    Enjoy the peace, Karen! And I look forward to sharing a cup of tea in your new flower garden 9would you like some sunflower seeds?)

    Warm wishes,

    Helen x

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