CongratulationsHow are you feeling now you are pregnant

During pregnancy you may experience many different feelings on both an emotional and physical level.

Emotionally, you may be having an unplanned pregnancy (a big shock I know!) or perhaps it has happened quicker than you thought it would, or you had got to the stage where you thought it was not going to happen and it has!

Sometimes this can take the mind time to adjust as well as dealing with what's happening to your body.

Physically, you may feel great and blooming or exhausted, feeling or being sick, your hormones can be all over the place with both highs and lows and you may be wondering why this has happened to you. During pregnancy you may also experience some aches and pains and find it hard to keep going.


Try relaxing as much as possible it is important for both you and your baby the more tired you become the harder it can be. Drinking or eating ginger biscuits may help with sickness.

Take naps if you can, difficult I know if you are working or if you already have a child so if that’s the case put your feet up when you get the chance.

Pace yourself during your day so that you don’t overdo it and try to go to bed early to get plenty of rest, remember you are doing a second job here by nurturing and growing a baby!

Taking time out 

Taking some time out is important for you both as this time will give you a chance to relax and spend some bonding time together  as well as helping to reduce stress levels and improve sleep and mood patterns. Remember this is  a great opportunity as when baby arrives you will find yourself busy.
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  1. Helen Blantz on September 25, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    You make some great points, Karen. So good to be given more reasons to look after yourself and not feel guilty about it!

  2. karen on October 4, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks Helen, only we can be responsible for taking care of ourselves.

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