Body tension

Body tension


Body tension. Neck, shoulder, back tension can come about as a result of holding emotions inside our bodies. Some emotions can be embarrassing, painful or unpleasant as a result we can end up suppressing them as we don’t want to experience them as we don’t want family, partners, friends and the outside world to see them. This is often as a result of our up bring or circumstances during our informative. By suppressing our feeling we can end up feeling resentful, anger, suffer anxiety or low self-esteem . Tension can lead to the tightening of muscles.

Tension in our bodies can also come about by being conscientious and perhaps trying to be perfect and fit in with family or groups of friends and the need to do well and to do a good job. Perhaps we are very competitive and this is how it has come about.


Body tension

Overtime tension can keep building up if we do not relax or are unable to we can end up with any of the following conditions including the neck, shoulders, back, stomach problems, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome , hay fever, tension headaches, migraines and many other conditions can be tension related.

It can really feel like its dragging you down, you maybe needing to take pain killers on a regular basis and it all becoming a vicious circle.

How reflexology can help you

A session of reflexology can help relax you emotionally and provide time to reflect . When relaxed muscles cease contracting, blood vessels relax reducing vascular constriction and allowing circulation to flow freely. Which means all the necessary oxygen and nutrients flow to the organs and tissues of the body which helps to climate toxins and impurities from the body.

Remember to be kind to yourself and take some regular time out!






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